The Largest Dam of the World

This dam was built near the village of the same name. The lake, which she formed covers an area of ??nearly 900 square miles. Dam height of 200 meters. 05 more dams after the break...

Inguri dam

Located in Georgia. Despite the fact that the construction of the dam began in the 60s of last century, it was put into operation only 15 years ago. This dam is the highest arched concrete dam in the world, its height reaches 270 meters.

Dam Dworshak (USA)

This work of architects was built in just 6 years old. It is considered one of the highest dams in the western hemisphere - its height is 290 meters.

Karun dam
One of the most famous dams in the world. It is in Iran. The width of the dam - 160 meters, height - 205 meters.

Dam Grande Dixence (Switzerland)
Unique in that it retains water to form a small stream flowing into the lake Lac des Dix, itself, the lake is huge and contains millions of cubic meters of water. The height of the lake above the sea level is 2364 meters.

Hoover Dam

This is a hydroelectric power plant, located in Black Canyon, on the border of Arizona and Nevada, 48 miles southeast of Las Vegas. Named in honor of Herbert Hoover, 31st U.S. president, played a significant role in its construction.

Hotel in the heart of Namibia's Wildlife

 Wolwedans Dunes Lodge Hotel is located in the heart of the private nature reserve area of 185.000 hectares NamibRand in Namibia.  Treat yourself to an unforgettable stay, surrounded by wild nature, not forgetting about the comfort and style. Wooden construction with panoramic views of the desert in all directions, reminiscent of an original camp, but at the same time provide protection and comfort. Each of the nine spacious chalets with en suite and private terrace. In the main building are two lounges, a library, an outdoor fireplace, three restaurants, a wine cellar and swimming pool. Wolwedans Dunes Lodge. If you love nature and seek a peaceful and interesting to cleanse the mind and soul, Wolwedans Dunes Lodge - this is what you need.  25 more images after the break...

10 Most Beautiful Geological Wonders

Outside of Belize, a country in South America, is almost perfectly circular hole whose diameter is 0.4 km. The water depth in this hole -145 m, which gives it a deep blue color. Tourists from around the world are immersed in the great blue hole in Belize, to admire the amazing species of fish in its clear waters. It is believed that this magnificent geological object formed billions of years ago, when the water rose above the caves.

Our planet is the greatest and most beautiful creations, which are so remarkable place that is simply breathtaking. Many of them were formed naturally, such as the eruption of a volcano or meteorite fall. 09 more after the break...
02. Eye of the Sahara

In the Sahara Desert in Mauritania is one of the most amazing geological wonders, Eye of the Sahara, which is also called the structure Rishat. In the middle of the bare desert land can be seen like a bull's eye formation, with a diameter of 50 km. The crews of space ships even use eye Sahara as a guide. Initially anticipated that the eye has been called the Sahara of a meteorite on Earth. But now scientists believe that this creature was formed geological uplift and erosion of land.

03. The Gates of Hell
Darwaza is a city in Turkmenistan, where there is an impressive geological formation, called the Gates of Hell. This hole in the ground have inexhaustible supplies of fuel gas. It is believed that about 35 years ago, geologists who drilled the ground to detect the gas, dug too deep and the ground failed. Geologists did not dare climb into the hole to pick up their equipment. Fearing that poisonous gas could come from the land, they set fire to gas in the hole, and since the fire is burning here permanently.

04. Icy Tower Erebus

On the coldest continent, Antarctica is Erebus, a volcanic mountain covered with hundreds of ice towers. The towers are located at a height of 20 meters and constantly emitting steam. When the steam in the cold, the inner walls of the towers grow and expand. These earth geological creations like the tower on the planet Mars, the satellites of Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. This constantly active volcano is another miracle of nature, where there are ice and fire. Last Erebus erupted in 1978.

05. Diabolical boulders

Australian aborigines, who live here are called Devilish boulders Charles Carl (Karlu Karlu). These huge round boulders of red granite are located amidst beautiful landscape. The diameter of these boulders can be from 50 cm to 60 m in cross section. Some are very bizarre way, balancing on each other. Diabolical boulders were formed millions of years ago when molten magma was under the sandstone and cooled to form granite. Years, and environmental factors have caused the erosion, so today we can observe these amazing natural phenomena. For Australian Aboriginal Devil boulders have special spiritual significance.

06. Reed Flute Cave

Reed Flute Cave in Guangxi autonomous region in China is a famous landmark, also known as the Palace of Natural Art. Natural limestone caves filled with wonderful and bizarre formations like icicles and rock formations with the additional effect of colored light. This geological object has been named in honor of the cane, which is found outside the cave and used for making musical flutes. Its length is about 240 m and a vast territory, which is an impressive landscape. The object is ancient, since its walls with inscriptions during the reign of the Tang dynasty, dated 792 BC

07. Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni in southwestern Bolivia. This geological wonder is the biggest dried salt lake, situated more than 3000 meters over the Andes, with area greater than 10 000 km ².This unique landscape formed by multiple layers of salt and water. In the middle of the marsh salt thickness is 10 m. When it rains, Salar de Uyuni is immersed and looks like a huge mirror. It is believed that it was formed at the confluence of the geothermal springs and salt lakes. At this point, several kinds of pink flamingos gather to breed.

08. Antelope Canyon

The most frequently photographed canyon in the southwestern United States is Antelope Canyon. It is located on Navajo land in Arizona. Navajo people call it Tse bighanilini, which means "place where water runs through rocks." Antelope Canyon is divided into two separate Canyon, Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon.

Since the rain water flows through this place, it smooths out the rocks, giving them a curving form. Antelope Canyon was formed during the severe flooding that caused erosion of rocks, which opened the passages where the deep open corridors with interesting shapes of the rocks. In 2006, authorities closed the Antelope Canyon in 5 months because of flooding.

09. Chocolate Hills

More than 50 miles? Province of Bohol in the Philippines, has settled the geological creation, called the Chocolate Hills. In fact, on these hills is not chocolate, but all the hills, which, according to some estimates, from 1268 to 1776, look chocolate-brown in the dry season. Chocolate Hills are the third National Geological Monument in the Philippines, and they are depicted on the flag of the province of Bohol. Chocolate Hills are the perfect uniform shape and the height is about 30-50 m. According to one version, they were formed by self-destruction of an active volcano. According to legend, they were formed from the tears of a giant who has lost his love.

10. Stone Forest

Reserve Tsinzhi du Bemaraha, Madagascar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a place where you can see the Stone Forest. The Stone Forest consists of a high and broad diffuse limestone, covering an area of 666 km ², being similar to the limestone towers. Locals warn that this is the place where you can not walk barefoot, since the terrain is fairly steep. In the Stone Forest home to unique animal species such as white lemur.

Different Seasons

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World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Cities to Live

10. Bern, Switzerland

The country's capital is home to several major Swiss companies including Rolex, Toblerone, Swisscom and The Swatch Group, as well as the foreign offices of American companies, such as eBay, Cisco and Ingram Micro. Bern is popular for its lower taxes, as well as liberal labor laws. To top it off, the city has managed to retain its cultural heritage. Old Bern has been recognized as a UNESCO Cultural World Heritage Site for being one of Europe's best examples of a medieval town. The city, which is filled with diverse historical attractions, was home to Albert Einstein from 1903 and 1905, during which he developed his groundbreaking theory of relativity. Human resources consultant ECA International has drawn up its latest list of the world's most expensive cities for U.S. expatriates. The survey examined 400 cities and regions across the world, and measured a basket of common items purchased by foreign workers in U.S. dollars terms, including food, clothing and electrical goods. 09 more cities after the break...

09. Kobe, Japan

Kobe is one of Japan's busiest container ports. It is also the point of origin and namesake of the world-renowned Kobe beef. While Japan is the only Asian country surveyed where the cost of goods in the ECA basket has fallen, it is the most expensive country for foreign workers in U.S. dollar terms. That's a largely a result of the appreciation of the yen over the past six months, as well as the already high cost of goods and services.

08. Geneva, Switzerland

Situated along Lake Geneva in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Geneva is regarded as the global center for diplomacy. It's home to many United Nations agencies, as well as the World Trade Organization, Red Cross and World Economic Forum headquarters.

One quarter of this picturesque city is made up of public parks, making it a popular destination for U.S. expatriates looking to relocate. Geneva is also well known for its haute cuisine, boasting more restaurants per capita than New York City.

07. Luanda, Angola

The capital of Angola has seen an influx of multinational companies looking to tap the country's rich energy reserves. The country is also rich in other goods, exporting coffee, diamonds, sugar, iron and salt.

But a three-decade-long civil war has devastated Luanda's infrastructure, driving up the cost of goods and services. From haircuts to gym memberships to fast-food meals, nothing comes cheap in the city. A one-year gym membership reportedly costs $2,500 and a haircut can cost upwards of $150.

06. Zurich, Switzerland

Despite its low tax rates, Switzerland's largest city ranks as the fifth most expensive for expatriates. A large reason for this is the rapid appreciation of the Swiss franc, which has strengthened 27 percent against the U.S. dollar in the last year.

The country's business center is the base for many leading financial institutions, including Credit Suisse, Julius Baer and UBS. In addition to its position as a European financial hub, Zurich is famous for its watch companies and chocolate makers, such as Lindt & Spr√ľngli.

05. Yokohama, Japan

As Japan's second-largest city, Yokohama is a major commercial center for the Greater Tokyo Area.

The port city has a strong economic base, particularly in the biotechnology, semiconductor and shipping industries. Carmaker Nissan and Fujitsu semiconductor have moved their headquarters to the city.

Yokohama also is a budding artistic hub. The city is gearing up to host its triennale art event from August to December this year, with artists from around the world exhibiting their works at venues around the city.

04. Stavanger, Norway

The discovery of oil in the North Sea during the 1960s, converted this quaint metropolis into Norway's petroleum capital. Over 50 energy companies have offices in Stavanger, making the city home to hundreds of expatriates working in the oil and gas sector.

During the recent economic downturn, Norway's oil wealth meant the government could sustain economic growth with a lavish stimulus program. The country also has one of the world's most generous welfare systems, including public schools that offer free, high-quality education.

It is the high cost of food and transportation that make Stavanger No. 4 on the list, however. Food prices in Norway are around 50 percent higher than the euro zone average, with meat, sugar and cereal products being the most expensive products.

03. Nagoya, Japan

Known as Japan's most dynamic region, Nagoya is located 165 miles west of Tokyo. It is the hub for most of Japan's manufacturers, and produces a large portion of the country's automobile and aircraft parts.

A number of Japanese automotive companies are headquartered in Nagoya, including Toyota and Honda. Fortunately, these manufacturing plants were largely unaffected by the impact of the March earthquake and tsunami, which struck the region north of Tokyo.

02. Oslo, Norway

Oslo has been the second most expensive city for expatriates for six years in a row — that's thanks to the relative strength of the Kroner, which has appreciated 16 percent against the U.S. dollar over the last year, and the resilience of the Norwegian economy during the financial crisis.

This hub of Norwegian trade is the home to the world's largest shipping companies, shipbrokers and maritime insurance companies.

The city also boasts of one of the world's most extensive and efficient metro transportation systems, and an environmentally friendly tram system. Efficiency comes at a price, however — a one-way ticket on public transportation costs around $5.60.

01. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world, with a movie ticket costing $24 and the average taxi fare at $8.
As a global financial center, the city is home to headquarters for many of the world's largest investment banks and insurance companies. Tokyo is also one of greenest cities in the world. Despite having a population of more than eight million, it has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions in Asia-Pacific. The city has been praised for its comprehensive transportation policy, under which the city's entire taxi fleet is being converted to electric vehicles.

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